What Accessories To Wear With A White Dress?

Accessorizing A White Dress

A woman wearing a necklace on a white background dress

White dress never loses relevance. It provides the image of femininity, elegance and tenderness, besides, it is appropriate in any situation. No less important is the fact that with white dress, you can pick up a variety of accessories and jewelry, thereby highlight their strengths or hide their flaws. The truth is, not every accessory will look appropriate on its background, so we offer some tips to help you make your image perfect.

A white dress is an element of the basic wardrobe that every woman should have. The outfit goes well with different accessories and suits absolutely for all the fair sex. White shade refreshes and creates a truly feminine image.

Take into account the properties of the fabric of the outfit. It is recommended that light dresses be complemented with elegant jewelry, while clothing made of thick material are complemented with large products. In this case, the image will look harmonious.

We offer you a list of tips by which you can choose accessories for your dress and really shine in any situation:

White Pearl Crystal Shell Flower Statement Necklace
White Beaded Head Piece Women Head Chain
  1. The fitted white dress is best emphasized with a belt. Its width should be chosen based on the features of your figure. There are practically no color limitations. The only thing to avoid is light and pastel shades. Too light belt will be lost on the background of a white dress.
  2. A white dress in retro style can be varied with bright elements: a belt, shoes and a clutch of the same color, for example, red.
  3. Metal accessories are perfect for a long white dress. You can also use black, which adds a contrast to the image.
  4. For a cocktail dress of white color you can use accessories of bright pink or lilac color. That will make your look delicate, but original.
  5. Be very careful of dark colored leather accessories. If there are too many of them, your look will be overweight and ridiculous. Such things should be elegant and subtle. Also, watch out for color, as bad choices can make your look dirty.
  6. Dress with a pattern requires a special approach. Accessories should be selected to the picture in such a way as not to disturb the integrity of the image. It is better if your image will have no more than three colors.
  7. The perfect combination is white dress, black shoes and silver jewelry. This look can be completed with a metallic-colored handbag and a smoky make up with a dominant gray color.

A white dress goes well with pastel colored jewelry, you can even pick up the same white jewelry – it looks very elegant. However, cream, blue, light pink or lilac colors are no less awesome. It can be anything – beads, bracelet or earrings. The image will be very harmonious and complete if you add to it a handbag, shoes and a belt matching the jewelry.

Improperly selected small detail can ruin the whole image.
A Woman wearing A Short Chain Neck Black Lace Choker on a White Dress
Women Elegant Black Freshwater Pearl White Sea Shell Flower Necklace

Despite the fact that white dress goes well with any shade, it is not so easy to accessorize. The fact is that such a dress is considered a symbol of femininity and innocence, and sometimes even improperly selected small detail can ruin the whole image.

In addition, it is worth remembering that white color can visually make the figure larger. Instead of hiding flaws, a white dress, on the contrary, will flaunt them. Therefore, it is understandable that such a dress will not suit ladies with magnificent white looks. Do not put it on if you have not had time to tan. Pale skin in combination with such an outfit will not look healthy. We will tell about how to wear a white dress, how to choose accessories and shoes for it correctly.

Black and white
A woman wearing a wide elastic black belt on a white dress
Women PU Waist Band Thin Elastic Waist Belt For Dress

Black and white are complete opposites of each other, but at the same time they perfectly complement any image, both official and casual for everyday wear. A sophisticated black leather waist belt, an elegant black felt or abacus hat, earrings, a bracelet or a necklace made of natural or artificial black pearl, black patent leather, low heel shoes, or light boats are perfect for a white dress. A small satin clutch or a small black handbag over your shoulder will also harmonize perfectly. It is recommended to combine no more than 2-3 objects with a black shade, in order to avoid oversaturation of the outfit with dark accents.

Makeup for white dress : 

STATEMENT Geometric jewelry wooden beads Necklace pure yellow
Green Pink Yellow Statement Necklaces for Women With Simulated Pearl Flowers

In addition, you can choose bright, contrasting jewelry for a white dress. It will be very bright and summer-like. For example, if you choose coral beads and add the same or similar color polish and lipstick, there will be a very attractive and stylish look. Also, any bright color that you like, for example, yellow, orange, bright blue, blue, or green, are well suited to white color. Decorations of dark, deep tones – burgundy, black, purple, dark green are well suited for evening publication.

What colour shoes to wear with a white dress?

Women Peep Toe High Heel Shoes For White Dress
Women Sandals on A White Background

On white, as on a blank canvas, any shoe color looks great, not only pale or delicate. With shoes of saturated bright colors, the white dress will sparkle in a new way. You can choose any color for your shoes, but we recommend: turquoise, coral, blue and, especially beloved by many stars, red. By the way, shoes can be not only plain, but also made of materials of several colors or with prints.

White dress accessories and jewelry vs the outfit: 

Accessorizing a white dress _ Harmony with your style

White dress is a symbiosis of simplicity and elegance, freedom and triumph, youth and laconicism, romanticism and maturity. But in any case, it will always personify femininity, youth and beauty.

The main component of your look with a white dress are accessories and jewelry. After all, a white dress, like an artist’s canvas, is able to harmonize with any details. For example, with matching bracelets, shoes, a strap and a hat.

Owners of beautiful white looks need to carefully approach the choice of a white dress, for example, take a closer look at the fashionable Empire style model. Many designers annually offer a huge variety of models of white dresses, suitable for a solemn, everyday, business attire and work dress.

When choosing an outfit, you need to pay attention to some accents:

1. Your body type.A white dress puts emphasis on the upper body, therefore, if you do not have sufficiently narrow shoulders and a long neck, it may present you not very effectively.

2. Type of dress. Designers are ready to offer two main varieties: with a wide and light volumetric top or tight. The first will give you a great opportunity to visually increase the size of the chest area. Wearing such a fitted dress, you will create an hourglass silhouette, even if you do not have a noticeable volume. Tight fits girls who have no problems with the chest size.

3. Style. Often there are white dresses in the “rustic style” – with large soft folds and assemblies on the shoulders. If the image of a pastoral shepherdess is for you, then opt for such a dress. If you like more seductive models, turn to tight-fitting dresses, for an evening outing, they are perfect.

Perfect Accessories To Wear With A White Dress:

  1. A Hat.
  2. A Cropped Jacket.
  3. Bright beads and big bracelets.
  4. Bright scarves with a print.
  5. Bags and belts with metal inserts.
  6. Leather Jacket.

How To Pick Jewelry To A White Dress:

  1. The usual white dress always looks a bit boring, so it is worthwhile to diversify your image with decorations.
  2. If you plan to go to work or to walk in a white dress, use single-color beads or a silver pendant on a chain.
  3. Original beads will look in several levels. If each one has a different color, you will look very bright.
  4. To a dress with a quarter sleeve, be sure to wear a massive, bright bracelet or an elegant metallic chain.
  5. If you want to wear both a bracelet and earrings, try to focus on one thing. If the bracelet is massive, wear small earrings and vice versa.
  6. To emphasize the neck, use long earrings.
  7. The color of the jewelry always depends on the event to which you are going. If you need to create a calm image, use pastel shades, but never use a beige color, it will be lost against the background of the dress.
  8. Bright colors are perfect for the evening: like cherry, dark green, and bright pink.
  9. Versatile will be jewelry made of metal: silver and gold will add to your image

Choosing jewelry and accessories for a white dress is not difficult at all. But, do not forget to be guided by your type of appearance, to make your looks truly unforgettable. 

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