Long Beads Tassel Necklaces ( Choose From 25 Different Styles )

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Long Beads Tassel Necklaces never fail to catch everyone’s attention, especially ours! Made of high-quality metal ( Zinc Alloy,Tin Alloy ), the chain of every layer of this necklace is guaranteed to be beautiful. Each pendant in each layer is of premium design.

  • Chain length for each layer is different ( see the description – down – for exact sizes )
  • Alloy Pendant & Alloy Necklaces ( free from lead and other harmful material ) fulfils the EU environmental requirements.
  • Classy and elegant design
  • Use it for Party/ Gift/ Engagement/ Anniversary / and Daily Life.
  • FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! for a limited time only. Get your now.

Sometimes, one necklace won’t just cut it. While opting for additional accessories may lead to a bit of overkill, having one Layered Choker Necklace is just right for everyone. The simple yet classy design is always a safe choice for an everyday wear.

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