Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant Natural Healing

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  • Citrine : ” I am Light, I spread Light , is a stone as bright as its energy.
  • Everything about this stone emanates positivity and joy .
  • Citrine sometimes is placed in the bedroom, to bring light and abundance into the intimacy space , or into the office or workspace for added prosperity and creativity.Or, in children’s bedrooms to bring a sense of security and golden Light Force.
  • You will receive this absolutely gorgeous and large stone made of real clear crystal! This unique quartz is very cute with glistening transparency.
  • Perfect size for all kinds of energy works. This lovely stone will make a great centerpiece for any room, healing space or work area!
        Specifications :
  • Material : Natural quartz crystal
  • Measures : Approximate Size:57 x 11 x 20mm ( 2.24 x 0.43 x 0.79 inches )
  • Weight: approx.: 24g
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