Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet – See Beyond The Obvious

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This Bracelet Has The Ability To Make You See The Issues That Might Have Been Hard To See Otherwise -Blue Tiger Eye – length 19 cm ( 7.48 inches ).

  • Blue-Tigers-Eye will foster a positive attitude and increase your feelings of self-respect and self-worth.
  • It acts as a shield to reflect back hostility and to protect you against emotional or psychic vampires.
  • Blue Tiger Eye stone is very helpful for those who have suffered a sever emotional or psychological setback, It assists you to work through grief and anger and offers you the ability to start to rebuild your life step by step in a new way.
  • Blue tiger eye stone bracelet is both empowering and protective for anyone in the military,anyone who has to walk home alone at night, or lives alone in an area where there is a lot of gang warfare or trouble, to remain calm and exude personal power.
  • The bracelet stones activates all 6 sensory gifts – clairvoyance (see), clairaudience (hear), clairsentience (feel), calescent (smell), Clairtangency (touch) and clairgustance (taste).
  • Unisex Charm Bracelet.


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