About Us

We Got Sick of Sellers Greed Everywhere 

Have you ever went to a mall and bought something to discovered later on that it is sold cheaper in another shop ?

Why is that happening ?

Because shops need to pay for customs , branding , storage , rents , wages , and so on , while maintaining several hundred percentages of item price for profit (believe it or not some times 10 folds ) .

Add to that , in brick-and-mortar shops ,and in some Malls the rent per square meter reaches $1000 dollar , for every 100 customers visit there are 2 who will buy , from these 2 the seller is making all the above profits , that’s why Others are selling the same items on very high prices.

What We Do 

We eliminate all these costs by shipping to you from the Original Manufacturer

We deal directly with original manufacturers worldwide.

We check the quality of  goods, despite working only with reliable suppliers we periodically check the quality of the products so that we maintain our customers trust and keeps them happy ( and that what makes us successful ).

We believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best quality products at the least possible prices, and ship them to you regardless of where you are located.

Briefly , you will be eligible for full refund if you received a faulty product ,a product with less specifications or different than described, if the product delivery is delayed beyond the stipulated time, or if you did not receive the product. Please Check Our Shipping/Return /Refund Policy for details.

Note that most of our products also have warranty that extends for one year or more, you can see the warranty for each product on the product description page.

Enjoy our products and save yourself effort and money.